Our Lighting Services

The magic of theatre lighting is embedded in the DNA of our technical team.

We aim to turn event spaces into a production spectacle through illumination.

String Lighting

An event classic.
Classic and modern styles available.

Fairy lights & festoons are fantastic options for a wow factor whilst still exposing the architecture surrounding the light fixture.

Beautiful String Based Lighting

We stock over 1 mile of fairy lights, festoon strings and LED strips as well as a variety of controllers.

Our unique method of control allow us to integrate this event lighting staple into our lighting looks in the same way as modern luminaires.


Traditional Lighting

Creating lasting impressions.
Traditional looks with modern techniques.

We can combine chandeliers and rustic light fittings to produce a vintage look with modern full venue lighting control.

Classic, Vintage Style

From chandeliers to pendant lights and rustic fixtures, we have a wide variety of stock to produce a beautiful traditional lighting rig in any venue.

We hide away our rigging and cabling, leaving only the beautiful atmosphere behind.


Special Impact

We design lighting that makes an impression.

Amaze your next event audience with a show stopping lighting show. Reduce stress by leaving booked performers to their talent and allow us to light the way.

Perfect Lighting from Event Start to Finish

Our lighting department utilise the professional theatre grade ETC Eos range of control to ensure perfect lighting control and unlimited creativity options when it comes to design.


Ambience Lighting

Creating just the right vibe, every time.

We listen to your ideas, combine them with our experience and transform them into ambient lighting looks that are visually stunning and amplify your event atmosphere.

Creating that all important event look

Getting the right lighting look for your next event is crucial.

From dream weddings with ivory starlit ceilings, white moving heads, beautiful gobo breakups and low lying fog to a Ibiza 18th vibe with CO2 cannons, beam moving heads and flame projectors, we nail our lighting look every time.


Outdoor Lighting

Painting beautiful lighting scenes on buildings, architecture & foliage.

We stock a huge range of IP rated waterproof lighting fixtures, allowing us to use our full range of lighting design outdoors.

Taking professional event lighting outdoors

We use a variety of wash, beam, IP rated moving heads and par fixtures to spectacularly light the great outdoors. Taking our lights outside doesn't mean we lose any control, and we can implement the great outdoors into our lighting shows with ease.

Varied Lighting Stock

Our lighting stock is wonderfully varied. We are proud to stock industry standard theatre & tour grade fixtures from Chauvet, Elation, SGM and Electronic Theatre Controls to name a few. Our range of festoons and fairy lights are bespoke items made for us, and our control and dimmer equipment for such lighting is often custom made in house.

Balancing Performance & Budget

We take great care in fixture selection both for our stock, and for gigs. We aim to always choose the most appropriate fixture choice for both budget & performance. The need to balance these two variables has resulted in a huge range of different styles of industry lighting brands, from ADJ and Chauvet DJ to GDS, Robe & SGM. Have a look at our lighting hire stock by clicking here.

Reduce Stress & Increase Ambience

Often an event will involve a band, performer or DJ as part of the entertainment. These talents performers should be able to focus on the reason you have booked them, rather than focusing on their technical or other requirements. Our lighting designers are happy to design complex lighting shows to accompany these acts, adding another layer of complexity to your event look.

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