Pro Audio Solutions for Events

Audio is such a crucial part of any event and making sure your event sounds great is a challenge we love. With a range of speaker systems including active and passive, digital and analogue mixing desks, microphones and a host of sound processing equipment, we have the gear to get the job done.

One of the things we love about sound is that having the right gear is only half of it. The second part is where we really come in to our element. Experienced sound engineers working on your event to ensure the kit you’ve hired is sounding as good as it possibly can.

PA Systems

We stock a wide range of cabinets available for hire either with or without our installation services. Our smaller systems come around the 1kw range, suitable for small parties, presentations and small performers. They are a cost effective solution for amplified music or voice.

On the higher end of the spectrum, we have 10kW and 28kW systems for large outdoor events, concerts and temporary club installations.

Whatever your event, our team are here to help specify a PA System for you.

Audio Equipment

We also stock a huge range of ancillary audio equipment for both live performance and studio industries. Below is a small range of our equipment.

Analogue and digital mixing desks with sizes suitable for any event. We have a wide range of desks in stock, some with additional features such as onboard FX and Phantom Power so please get in touch to find the right desk for your next gig.

Available for hire we have a range of wireless and wired microphones for live performance including our popular Trantec S5.3 and 5.5 systems and the industry tested SM58. We also stock a range of microphones suitable for studio use.

Graphic EQs, DI Boxes, Effects Processors, Digital Media Players and Audio Distribution equipment make up the bulk of this category. A lot of this equipment is rack kit – we can custom fit and prep racks for your event based on the equipment you need saving you crucial time on site.

Our sound equipment department also has a stock of DJ Equipment for pro performers. The majority of our stock in this department comes from the Pioneer CDJ range of decks and DJM range of DJ Mixers. We also stock a number of DJ and MIDI Controllers from brands such as Numark, Korg and Akai.

We also stock a huge range of audio accessories and stands, available for hire.

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