Custom additions to your marquee

In addition to our standard marquee stock, we also stock a number of bespoke additions that can help to tailor our marquees to best suit our client’s wishes and their chosen space.

Our solent canopy makes an eye-catching entrance to any 6, 9 or 12m width marquee. Creating a porch for your marquee that can also be used as a smoking area. Our solent canopies are available to hire in clear or white PVC.

Our cruciform is a fantastic extension that allows us to create a ‘T’ shaped structure out of either two 12m structures or a 12m and a 9m structure. Unlike butting two structures up to achieve this shape which is also possible, the cruciform allows this without many of the legs, baseplates and other structural components that would otherwise be present.

Our right angle extension allows us to create an ‘L’ shaped structure utilising two like width marquees. Like our cruciform, this allows the marquees to be joined together without any legs in the middle of the event space allowing your marquee to flow seamlessly around corners, maximising your event space.

Our cones are an eye catching addition to 6m, 9m and 12m marquees. Our marquee manufacturer, Custom Covers, manufactures these cones as seen on the Great British Bake Off.

In addition to all of the larger additions mentioned above, we also stock smaller additions such as porches, and corridors. We can help visualise your marquee and ensure it meets your requirements along with the requirements of your space through the use of our 3D visualisation services.

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