Professional and reliable staff are key to a successful event

We believe that having the right event staff working on your event from start to finish is one of the most important factors in helping to produce the perfect event.

We maintain extensive in house training programs with all of our staff to ensure their knowledge, skill and professionalism is always second to none.

Staff for every role

A lot of events require a wide range of skilled staff. We can provide all of the staff you need for your next event meaning you don’t have to worry about liaising with multiple suppliers.

We can supply skilled lighting technicians trained on a variety of industry standard desks. A balance of creativity and skill is required to produce the most effective lighting shows in todays industry. Click here to learn more about our lighting design process.

Video is playing an ever increasingly large part in the production of most events. Whether its projection, LED screens or simple LCD panel setups, our video technicians can install and operate a bespoke and effective video setup designed for your event.

Having the right equipment isn’t all you need to get your event sounding great. An expert sound technician on the desk is another key ingredient that we can supply. From spoken word presentations to live music performances, we’ve got you covered.

Qualified riggers are essential to the safe build and pack down stages of your event. Our team of in-house rigging staff are qualified in a variety of techniques such as rope access, access towers and mobile elevated work platforms.

Our highly trained team are also responsible for building all of our stages and scaffolding structures.

Event and stage crew are often required throughout the entire event process from moving large amounts of equipment to keeping events running smoothly, usually all hidden in the background.

Our Chef’s can design your menu and ensure its perfect execution at your event, ensuring everything is tailored to your liking. Our chef’s come with years of experience in the restaurant and catering industries.

In addition to Chefs, we have the various other kitchen staff required to run your events. Kitchen assistants to commis chefs are required to ensure the quality you deserve at your next celebration.

Our friendly and presentable staff are the perfect solution to ensure seamless and efficient service of food and drink at your next party. From canapés and bowl foods to welcome cocktails and champagne, our wait staff are sure to keep you and your guests fed and watered all evening.

The key to a smooth running bar and low wait times is well trained staff. Our bar staff will ensure your bar service times are quick all night whilst not sacrificing quality.

If you are looking for the luxury of expert mixology at your next event, our mixologists are what you are looking for. Armed with a catalog of cocktails both famous and exclusive they are the perfect solution to bring bar quality cocktails to the luxury of your perfect venue.

If you are looking to add a wow factor to your party, our flair barmen are the perfect alternative. They incorporate flair and tricks in to their bar tending meaning that the short while your guests are waiting for their cocktail to be freshly made, will never be dull.

Glass collecting and washing, restocking and changing kegs are just some of the services our bar support staff carry out to keep your bar running smoothly.

Where your event requires security, we can advise on your requirements specific to your event and location and supply professional security operatives. Our SIA accredited officers have a wealth of experience working events such as large UK sporting events and music festivals. Keeping you and your guests safe is their priority.

Some events require event medical staff and there are cases where not required, it may be wise. We can supply a range of trained medical staff from first aiders through to paramedics. This ensures your guest are in safe hands even in the unlikely event of an accident.

Large scale events often require stewards to assist with crowd management and safety as well as logistics and guest information. Our friendly and proactive stewards are the perfect solution for large scale event stewarding.

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