One of a kind events are our raison d'être.

We believe that once we combine our client’s ideas with our constant supply of new equipment stock and our passionate event design team, we achieve a unique result every time.

What do we mean?

  • Every client has individual ideas about their event, and we aim to listen carefully and bring each and every one of these to life. Since every client is different, so should every event. Looking for inspiration? Click to read about our event theming ideas. The possibilities are truly endless.
  • Our in-house lighting visualisation workstation kitted out with ETC consoles allow us to plot lighting shows and looks in our warehouse before we even get to site. This allows us to always create unique lighting event looks that look spectacular every time. Read more about lighting here.
  • Our design team develop fresh ideas of how to use our equipment in new ways all the time. Inspiration from trends in the industry, as well as in-house design allows us to integrate custom metal fabrication into our lighting rigging to hang our lights in increasingly more exciting ways. When a modification needs to happen to suit an event, an entire new product may be created.
  • Great tools, such as VectorWorks allows us to develop floor-plans and 3D packages allow us to demonstrate every detail of an event to our client. This allows us to make as many variations as we have to until the perfect event design is achieved. Read more about our 3D visualisation techniques and services and see some examples of our work here.

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