Join The Team
Our creative and dynamic team drive our unique perspective on events.

Essentially, our team makes us who we are, and it’s one of our main priorities to keep the troops happy.

Proper Coffee

While we're unique in the industry, our love of coffee is more universal. Our permanent sites are all equipped with quality coffee machines. They keep our team going.

Nights Out

A party company knows how to party. The directors host a variety of in house and external events and nights out for employees only.

Varied Work

We aim to make every event we produce unique. As such, every day at work is different, helping keep the team forever stimulated.

Discounted Services

Our full plethora of services are available to our employees at a discounted rate. As a party production company, we can assure you that our employees have the best parties.

Snack Bar

Insanity HQ features a snack bar full of delicious treats provided by the catering team. What else would you expect from a company who supply 150kg pick and mix stands?


Much of our work involves being accredited. Insanity employees benefit from in-house training and accreditation suitable for many jobs in the industry.

Birthday Day Off

Our employees are some of the hardest working people in the event industry. In addition to contracted holiday, all employees are entitled to take their birthday off.

We're Growing

We love events. As we grow, we hope to work on even larger scale productions than we have previously allowing your skills to grow with us.

Diverse Services

We offer a huge range of services, and as such we have many department leads, allowing for a varied talent base to meet to work together on great events.